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Rigid Paver Edgings Restraints 


Convenient and easy to use, these rigid edgings can be cut directly on the ground. Flexible and durable, they provide strong support for most kinds of hardscape installation.


  •  CUT on THE GO design

  •  No need to pre-measure or pre-cut

  •  Convenient and easy to use

  •  Made from 100% recycled material

  •  Easy snap connection


This rigid edging for paver installation is made of high-quality materials that won't decay or break into the ground. Quick and easy to install, it benefits from the "Cut on the Go" system that allows it to be sectioned directly on the ground. For optimal results, use Techniseal's 10in edging nails to lock onto the ground.

Please refer to this products' technical data sheet for complete information. Whenever the information presented on this website differs from the one contained in the official technical data sheet, the latter always prevails.

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