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Adhesives Structure Bond

The industry's strongest construction adhesive, Structure Bond is your best choice for any outdoor masonry project.

Super-strength hardscape foam adhesive
Specifically developed for the construction industry
Quick and easy application with the special "Gun II" dispenser
Very Precise delivery - No mess, No waste
Adjustable bead size
Product type : Adhesive
Base product : Polyurethane
Surface type : Natural Stone, Brick, Concrete Paver, Metal, Porcelain Tile, Stone, Vinyl, Wood
Coverage :

For a single Structure Bond adhesive canister, a 3/8" bead will yield up to 600ft linear.

Note that actual coverage may vary depending on bead size and surface condition.

Please refer to this product's technical data sheet for complete information. Whenever the information presented on this website differs from the one contained in the official technical data sheet, the latter always prevails.



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