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iN Paver Sealer - Natural Look

Our iN Natural Look paver sealer shields hardscape installations from erosion and staining agents without altering their appearance.

Preserves the natural color of pavers
Perfect for hazardous, slip-prone areas
Can be used on Concrete Paver and natural stone
Impregnating – non-film forming
Water based
Finish : Matt
Look : Natural Look
Product type : Sealer
Base product : Water-Based
Surface type : Concrete Paver, Wet Cast Paver
Coverage :

As a concrete paver sealer:

1 gal. covers up to 120 sq. ft.
5 gal. covers up to 600 sq. ft.
Note that actual coverage may vary depending on joint width and surface porosity.

Please refer to this product's technical data sheet for complete information. Whenever the information presented on this website differs from the one contained in the official technical data sheet, the latter always prevails.



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